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Wheel buckle scaffold


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Mengcun Hui Autonomous County Defa Foundry Co., Ltd. is a production, leasing, and sales company of hardware accessories for construction projects. Relying on the strong capital strength of the parent company and more than ten years of industry experience and influence. Committed to providing professional and one-stop sales, leasing services, and technical support for building accessories for mainstream corporate clients in China and even the world, helping customers improve the efficiency of purchasing building accessories and supporting equipment, and achieve value creation. The company was founded in 2002 and is a comprehensive production and service enterprise that integrates casting, forging, mechanical manufacturing, and hardware product manufacturing. Currently, the company covers a total area of 120000 square meters. We have 4 production factories for building accessories and supporting products, with a total asset of 60 million yuan. Among them, fixed assets are 38 million yuan and current assets are 22 million yuan. We have 415 employees, including 43 senior technical talents, with strong technical strength and excellent production and inspection equipment. The company currently has a national standard 48-1 scaffolding fastener casting production line, with an annual output of 8 million sets; There are two production lines for forged fasteners according to the British standard EN-74 and BS1139, with an annual output of 6 million sets. There are two fully automatic production lines for galvanized steel springboard, with an annual output of 600000 pieces. There are a total of 11 hollow solid screw rolling machines, with an annual output of 1.2 million pieces. There are 28 automatic welding machines for wheel and disc scaffolds, and more than 30 welders. The annual output of wheel, disc, and bowl buckle scaffolds is 12000 tons. At the same time, the company has 4 electric furnaces with a capacity of 1 ton and 1.5 tons, and produces various customized castings such as ball milled cast iron manhole covers, well grates, mountain shaped cards, and bowl mouths all year round, with an annual output of 12000 tons. Our company has been repeatedly rated as a "high-quality supplier" and "trustworthy enterprise" by the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Chemical Industry, the Ministry of Metallurgy, and the Ministry of Electric Power. Multiple products have been designated as "recommended products by national user units" by the State Administration of Quality Supervision. Over the past 10 years, the company has been designated as a qualified supplier by state-owned large construction enterprises such as various branches of China Construction Engineering Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, China National Chemical Corporation, Baosteel Group, China National Chemical 12th Construction Co., Ltd., China Railway Construction Group Co., Ltd., China 20th Metallurgical Group Engineering Co., Ltd., and China National Materials International Engineering Co., Ltd. And has won the honorary title of excellent supplier from various companies multiple times. For many years, Defa Company has been committed to integrity, cooperation, and learning; The code of conduct for enterprise employees is to work diligently, innovate, and pursue excellence. We strictly require every Defa person to achieve quality first and customer first. Our vision is to become the most powerful high-end comprehensive service provider in the construction market, with the goal of providing building hardware and supporting equipment that meet customer requirements, and building a comprehensive service network that integrates research, development, design, production, sales, and leasing of building accessories. Our products are renowned nationwide and in multiple countries around the world. The stability of product quality, reliability of reputation, and high-quality service have won unanimous praise from all domestic and foreign customers. We are willing to wholeheartedly serve new and old customers with a good image, excellent products, and high-quality online sales services. Be an online sales service provider that values integrity and maintains reputation.

Wheel buckle scaffold

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